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Gary Benfield.

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Gary is one of the most talented natural artist’s that we have ever published. His ability to draw and paint virtually all forms including figurative, architectural, landscape. still life and equestrian amazes us all. What is even more astounding is that he excels at every level and in our opinion is unsurpassed in every field.

Gary has now found time to concentrate on building his career in the UK after much success overseas, particularly in America, where he is a well known star of the art world..

His major works are now reaching five figure sums (US$) and are increasingly sought after.

What the artist says about the editions

“It is the first time that I have been in control of my own publications and I am delighted with the superb quality of these editions. They are, for the first time, available in very low numbers and have been beautifully printed by myself and Karen in our studio. Each image has been carefully checked and lovingly produced to be as perfect a copy of the original as possible. We hope they will please and delight collectors for many years to come.”