Hetros fine art - picture framing

Robin Mullen.

    Robin Mullen was born in Malaysia in 1962. The bright pure colours of the tropical flora and fauna created a lasting impression, which would prove a rich source of inspiration in later life. Having moved to Britain he was able to turn professional and in 1987 began painting full time. The last thirteen years have seen Robin establish himself within the contemporary art scene.

    His work relies on inner dynamism that he produces through key factor: colour, form and texture. While Robin’s work encompasses a broad palette, each individual piece is restricted to one key colour, which provides the basis of the piece, while splashes or small areas of other colours highlight key points of composition.

    He uses different types of paint and pigment, vigorously applied, to create texture. When this is combined with the handmade paper Robin always uses, the pieces achieve an even greater sense of fluidity. These rhythmic abstracts are never static but convey great movement and passion for the creative process.

    Robin allows his changing mood to be reflected in his work, searching for a balance between the fiery reds and cool blues. The insight into the artists psyche presents us with an image of a man full of passion and energy which is neatly complimented by the obvious contemplation of much of his work.

    The success and acclaim he is currently enjoying are sure to provide a solid foundation for future development.