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Simon Kenevan.

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Simon Kenevan was born in London in 1963, but while he was still a child he moved to the south coast of England. He has fond memories of these idyllic early days, describing himself as free-spirited, running barefoot in the sand and climbing trees. At a young age when his family separated, Simon learnt to be self sufficient and self contained. This independence has remained with him ever since, and has been in part responsible for the poignant and reflective qualities in his paintings.

After leaving school in 1982 Simon joined the crew of a fishing boat, reaffirming his lifelong relationship with the sea. As soon as he managed to save enough money he bought a 14ft rowing boat, fulfilling his ambition to work alone and become closer to the natural environment. It is from this time in his life that he dates the start of his real love affair with the elements, becoming aware of the inspiring majesty of the sea and sky, and the sheer power of the wind. Although both his parents were artists, art did not feature as a tangible part of his life, yet the solitude brought about by his work gave rise to much thought and observation, and sowed the seed for his future career.

As time passed Simon began to translate some of this experience into artistic compositions, and discovered an amazingly rich talent. In 2003 he settled in the USA and a whole new world opened up for him. Here he encountered a school of painters, the “Sublime” movement, that was to have an immense influence on his artistic path. These pioneering 19th century artists were attracted by the scenic breadth of the diverse continent of North America. As Simon says, “I know that I experience the landscape with the same spiritual intensity as these artists did, and like them, I aim to inject that divine inspiration into every piece of work I produce.”

Simon is now creating the finest work of his career and has been named as a finalist in the DeMontfort New Artist Competition 2006. His inspirational pastel seascapes are sold across Europe and the USA.